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 was born in 2017 from the encounter between Giusy Sinatra and Pasquale Battipaglia, both moved by a deep love for design and curiosity about discovery. Starting from a careful observation of customers’ wishes, they decided to create a brandnew line of “Made in Italy”.

From the very beggining focused on reinterpretation of shirts in order to donate classic suits a new light combined with freshness and a daring femininity.

woman has a strong personality. She’s dynamic, independent and passionate about fashion, with a sophisticated style.
She shifts from work to free time conserving her flawless charm and elegance, never giving up her comfort.

Discover the Winter 2018/2019 Collection


A collection that suits women’s body like a caress, enhancing its natural sinuosity. A casual, genuine yet sophisticated woman: that’s the basis of the brand’s work. The independence and great value of a woman that doesn’t give up on small details, allowing for a comfortable but refined look.

Summer 2019: coming soon


This Summer season addresses women who want to feel comfortable every day in every role, matching different styles under a single personality.

The line highlights different shapes from wide shirts to fitted lines, maintaining its modernity and sophisticated allure. A strong independent woman with a full life, who wants to be at ease but elegant in every situation.

keeps loyal to its philosophy of grace and elegance in Summer too. The brand adheres to the strong seasonal trends of next season: natural textures prevall, from the rough touch of linen to the weightless transparency of silk and voile.

A bright light spreads over the whole collection, enlightening ribbons, paillettes and embroidery. Prints and graphics remind us of a botanical reality, depicted both with black&white and with light watercolors.


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